About Us

 Our group has been put together by Mr.Chia Tian Chai. His credibility and foreseeing mind had really being a tremendous help to us to

fight resuming this great opportunities that have been brought upon us and together we already embark our journey to the whole Malaysia with over 10 business center .
All Steady Dynasty center are fully funded by our own with a minimal requirement for maintenance as a prove for our teamwork and are open to use for everyone. 

Steady Dynasty Sdn Bhd is a sole distributor for Mc - Ocean Sdn Bhd ( AJL 931813 ) where at here we are
offering consumer products and various more including business opportunities in more than 5 countries and expected to grow as a 
worldwide business. Recently, the Steady Dynasty group reported annual sales 
of more than RM 100 million, based on 2009 sales. 

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